Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The tracklist for the 15th single is revealed, it is as follow:

2.CHANGE (Movie ・Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Image Song)

Thanks to Setsustark

Download Here

Rock & Read Vol.29

[All Credits to: Tekaki@LJ & Hoshi no Miyako!! Thanks!!]

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Sleep by SID

SID - Sleep

track list :
1. Sleep
2. 歌姫 [Utahime]
3. 合鍵 [Aikagi] (Live from SID TOUR 2009 hikari)


Friday, March 26, 2010

GOLD by UVERworld

Heheheheheee... Gold PV is released!!! I think this PV is weird! coz this PV from pieces tour n backstage AwakEVE.. Well I not really like this PV...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sleep by SID


Wawwwww!!!!! This is the cool new pv from SID!!! Shinji the guitaris looks so cooolll!!! I realy like him.. >___< hahahha.. I think this pv could imagine something like this title "Sleep" but it didnt happen in this pv.. I feel pervert..

GOLD!!!!! But just the music... Im not patient to wait the full version of UVERworld my fave band!! I want to see TAKUYA!!! ^_____^

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wuthering Heights

Hahahhahaa... Wuthering Heights sebuah novel sastra yang ntah novel keberapa yang kumiliki buat skripsi! selalu n selalu berganti novel dalam menemukan pilihan yang tepat merupakan hal yang sulit, terlebih lagi jika novel tersebut bingung dalam menentukan konsepnya! yah.. beginilah naseeeb anak sastra!

Wuthering Heights novel karya Emily Bronte. saya tak tahu bagaimana kisahnya, tetapi seorang senpai memberi tahukan tentang sedikit garis besar novel ini. Novel ini ternyata adalah cinta segitiga, yah.. menariklah untuk dibaca daripada mengandung hal porno n sadis lebih mendingan kisah cinta segitiga.

Neo Genesis Vol. 6 - Q&A - Shinji 100 Questions about Shinji
1 If you were to describe your personality in one word?
Unfrank bastard

2 If you were to liken yourself to an animal?

3 If you were to liken yourself to colour?

4 According to the people around you, what kind of feeling did you give them as a first impression?
Docile, suspicious behaviour

5 What do you think of yourself, as compared to men of your age?
I'm someone who's dependent on others no matter how old I get.

6 Weakness?
I'm invincible, so none!

7 Habit?
I often apologise

8 Out of your five senses, which is the clearest?
GET sense (( When you say something has a "get" feel to it, that means it "got" you / won you over. ))

9 Charm point

10 Birthplace?
A place beside Tokyo that isn't uncool.

11 Bloodtype?
Same as my older brother

12 Diurnal? Nocturnal?

13 Something you make a habit of?
Shadow boxing + Jogging + Porridge + Pickled radish (( First half = BS, second half = another one of SID's runnng jokes. ))

14 What you spend the most on?
Instruments, machinery, PC

15 Pets you keep, or have kept (and their names)?
Dog (Chibi) Cat (M-chan) Hamster (Hamutan) Parrot (Chiiko)

16 What you're collecting?
Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi-san's yakuza-themed VHS

17 What are you happy to receive?

18 What kind of room do you live in?
A US diner style room

19 What's the colour of your room's curtains?

20 What's the very first thing you do upon waking up?
Take a smoke

21 When you take a bath, where do you start washing from?
First of all, I wash the drain until it's so clean you could lick it.

22 When you go out, what do you carry with you without fail?

23 Bath type? Shower type?
Ozawa type (( Ozawa Ichiro ))

24 How long is your bathing time?
2 minutes as I'm sensitive to heat

25 Sweet-tooth? Drinker?
Cayenne pepper powder faction.

26 About how much is the appropriate amount of alcohol for you?
Beer 500ml 3 cans

27 Do you like dogs? Or cats?
Do you like me?

【Favourite things】
28 Favourite word?
Rather than yearning for what you don't have, make more of what you have.

29 Favourite animal?

30 Favourite flower?

31 Favourite colour?
Green and white

32 Favourite movie?
Bokura no Nanoka-kan Sensou

33 Favourite television programme?
Television Hate

34 Favourite male entertainer?
Tachi Hiroshi, Katsu Shintaro

35 Favourite female entertainer?
Model for Rodeo Boy (lies)

36 Favourite place?

37 Favourite scent?
Strawberry vanilla incense

38 Favourite sport?
Rodeo Boy

39 Favourite food?
Negi ramen

40 Favourite drink?
Beer, coffee

41 Favourite manga?
Saint Seiya

42 Brand of cigarettes you smoke?

43 Around how many sticks of cigarettes do you smoke in 1 day?
2 boxes

44 Do you wear perfume? If you do, what's its name?
Lately I don't wear it

45 Favourite part of your face, body?
My stomach, which was cut in a cross (lies)

46 Your eyesight is?
0.01 for both sides

47 How many pierceholes do you have and where?
1 in each ear. Basically, I don't wear piercings.

48 Your hairstyle pilgrimmage until now?
Long hair

49 What are you picky about with regard to your hairstyles?
I'm twice as prone to pain as the average person, so I can't dye my hair.

50 Favourite fashion?
Casually stylish

51 What kind of lady's fashion do you like?
A beautician-like appearance

52 From which do you start putting your socks on, the right foot or the left foot?
I think it's always different

53 What type is your underwear?
Of course it's a boomerang in Furukawa-san's style (( Some guy who was the cameraman for some international boomerang competition. ))

54 When was your first love? Who was the other person?
My neighbour in my kindergarten days

55 Favourite type of woman?
Someone who's serious and kind

56 If you like someone, will you confess? Or wait to be confessed to?
Depends on the situation

57 Which part of a woman you're meeting for the first time would you place importance on?
The feel of her world

58 Are you someone who easily falls in love at first sight?
I don't. Because I'm an unfrank person.

59 What do you look for most in women?
I want her to not tell bad lies.

60 Women's gesture that makes your chest tighten?
Sitting (( with legs in )) the shape of the character ハ.

61 Are you weak against a woman's tears?

62 Place you want to go on a date?

63 When you lose love, how do you recover?
Look forward

64 Do you think work goes better too when you're in love?
Guess it varies..

65 Do you have any wish to get married?
Maybe, maybe not

66 How many % of your life does love take up?
I can't say something like that ne

67 Please tell us your special love technique.
I don't like that savvy sort of feeling.

【What If Series】
68 If you were to be reincarnated, man? Woman?

69 If you could become someone besides you for just 1 day, who would you become?

70 If you could bring only one person with you to a deserted island, who would you bring?
Daigoro (( Shochu by Asahi, can be a person's name too. ))

71 If you had only one day of life left, what would you do?
Win the Kikkashou (( THE horse racing competition in Japan. ))

72 If you won 1 hundred million yen in the lottery, how would you use it?
Aim to be Robocop

73 If you hadn't become a musician, what do you think you'd've become?
I think I'd be wandering around the Ueno Park area

74 What would you eat for your last dinner?
Good negi

75 If you could have only 1 wish come true, what would you wish for?
I want a driver's license.

76 If you were to say something to youself from 10 years ago, what would you say?
Work hard at guitar practice!

77 What career did you yearn after in your childhood?
Toy store owner

78 The first celebrity you grew to like?
Miyako Chouchou-san

79 Subject you were good at in elementary school?
Manual arts, art, physical education

80 Subject you were bad at in elementary school?
Music, math, Japanese language, sociology

81 Words often written on your report card?
Won't settle down

82 Your first part-time job was?
Cashier at Maruetsu

83 What's the most embarrassing happening in your life until now?
The fact that I got too drunk and ended up pulling a tiny upchuc○.

84 What's the happening you can be most proud of in your life until now?
That I was able to encounter SID and become a member of SID

85 What's the most painful happening in your life until now?
Steel cage deathmatch (( Pro wrestling ))

86 What's your longest record for staying awake in your life until now?
About 48 hours I guess? Don't know.

87 What's the thing you were happiest about lately?
I received a bicycle from our manager on our label.

88 What's the thing you were saddest about lately?
The negi I was growing withered up.

89 What's the thing you were angriest about lately?
The closing down of Tokyo Marine

90 Something that flourished lately?
The interior shop near my place

91 Something prevalent in you lately?
Interior customisation

92 The most delicious out of what you've eaten lately?
The negi tanuki udon I made myself

93 What's the thing you treasure most now?

94 What do you think you'll be doing on the day before your first Budokan live?
Shadow boxing + Jogging + Porridge + Pickled radish

95 Your image of yourself 5 years from now?

96 Your image of yourself 10 years from now?

97 Your image of yourself 30 years from now?
Katsu Shintaro

98 Something besides music, at which you want to try going to the extremes?
Rodeo Boy

99 Place you want to live at when you've put on age?
Kitasenju or Los Angeles

100 What kind of music do you think a 100-year-old you will be listening to?
While listening to rocky theme music, shadow boxing + jogging + porridge + pickled radish

Sumber: Gurakko@LJ

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yusuke Yamamoto

Yusuke Yamamoto!!! seminggu yang lalu gue mendapatkan dvd Ikemen Paradise. setelah hampir beberapa bulan menginginkan dvd itu akhirnya gue bisa membelinya!!! waw!! dvdnya FULL OF BISHOUNEN! Keren bangettt!!! tapi yang membuat ku kepincut karena si cute ini! dia memerankan Kayashima Taiki, seorang cowok yang memiliki indera ke enam yang bisa melihat roh halus. Tapi disitulah letak keunikan dia, yang membuatku berpikir ternyata dia cuteee banget memerankan itu.. hehheheheheheee

he is my dream boyfriend! I like him.. he is handsome.. ^___^ he is guitarist from SID.