Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yuuya, My New Bishi ^^

Hohoho.. my new bishi.. after I feel si jealous with Aki SID who got Shinji kiss in his cheek n ear I felt so angry!! why not! he was so happy! TT___TT

Yuuya SID..
oh my.. he always make me happy with his act. he so funny.. he smile make me so embrassed >////<. I dunno why I didnt take him as my bishi, n I take Shinji.. huhu.. si terible.. ==' I think he so perfect, he can play drum, (because he is drummer), can play guitar, make me n his fans smile, n many more.. Yuuya i really like u.. >__<

The fact About Yuuya SID
Yuuya (ゆうや)
position : drums
birthday : 12/09
current age : 25
blood type : A
fun fact : can often be seen abusing a tissue box during comment videos
blog : SIDゆうやの何が何でもやるぞー!!


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