Wednesday, June 2, 2010

■ To tell it straight, what's the selling point of the title song, "Rain"?

M: The melody of its chorus.

A: I'd like you to listen to its bass intro.

S: The melody, which has a "Japanese" feel to it!

Y: I composed the song such that its climax comes during the chorus, so I guess it's gotta be the chorus.

■ As your lyrics also receive high appreciation from a wide age group of listeners, we're posing this question to Mao-san, of course, and to the rest of you as well; please tell us which line you particularly like, and the reason.

M: "Forcing it upon me  We said goodbye." I love the way it sounds.

A: All of it!!

S: "Eyes that have no desire to learn of my past  Fingers that will help wash it away". Profound, isn't it.

Y: "Because you'll be fine on your own... right?" and "Forcing it upon me  We said goodbye". I like how sorrowful this line is.

■ What sort of performance do you want to put up at your Saitama Super Arena show on 31st July? Those who have something specific in mind, please share with us.

M: I want to smile with everyone.

A: I want to make it the best show we've ever had.

S: Saitama is my hometown, so I want it to be a majestic moment!

Y: It's not a venue you often get to play at, so I want to enjoy myself with all my might.

■ By the way, please tell us of an arena or stadium-scaled live that left a deep impression on you as a member of the audience, and also the reason.

M: Hamasaki Ayumi-san's live. I went with a friend, and the way the fans around us responded was terrific.

A: Lives by LUNA SEA, L'Arc~en~Ciel, and GLAY. They were way too cool.

S: Himuro Kyousuke's live at Tokyo Dome. I can't forget the green laser beams during his performance of the 1st song.

Y: The Perfume live I saw at Yokohama Arena. Since it was my first time watching someone other than bands perform live, I was like, "Whoa~!!"

■ Lastly, if you had to compare the rest of your bandmates to something other than humans, what would it be? Please share your reasons as well.

M: Aki→Thumb tack (bcause he's sharp). Shinji→Ruler (because he's slender). Yuuya→Colour cone (no real reason......)

A: Mao→Cat (because he's "Maonyan"). Shinji→Negi (because he likes negi and eats it often). Yuuya→MonHun (because he plays "Monster Hunter" too much (laughs)).

S: Mao→Rabbit (because he can die from loneliness). Aki→Hamster (he's energetic). Yuuya→Dog (When he's mischievous, he can be really mischievous, but when he's sleepy......)

Y: Mao→Cat ('cause they go as far as to call him Maonyan). Aki→Brown rice ('cause he seems to like it). (( It was revealed in a recent ep of Shidoraji that Aki carries packets of instant brown rice in his bag to work. )) Shinji→Negi ('cause he keeps talking about negi).

thanks to Gurakko


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