Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Dream

im sleepy.. i want sleep.. today i must study until night.. so hard day!

my teacher said to me, we have 2 kinds of sleep.
1. deep sleep
2. beauty sleep
what the different of these?

Deep sleep, it means we are sleep without dream, it called we are restart the body and feel fresh in the morning.
Beauty sleep, it means we are sleep with dream, we also know about the dream, bad dream or good dream. it can happen to our body. when we wake up in the morning we always feel so tired because of dream..

but for me, im happy if I get the beauty sleep with HIM! yeahh Shinji SID! >///<
but now?? never.. huh! i miss him so much.. T___T

my prince..

i hope i can dream about him sometimes ^^


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