Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Self

Tell about my self? ^^

Im japanese girl, do you believe it? I have slanting eyes, yellow skin, 170cm as my height, black hair, small lips.. ^^
Do you believe it? lol

Im not japanese girl, but I asia girl..
When I was child my mother often called me like Oshin, because my face like Japanese girl!

I have a doll when i was young, now.. my age is 21 years old.. ^^
Today i talked back about it, yeah.. my mother said to me.. happy? maybe.. my friends also said to me, she said "maybe you like Japan very much n your face like japanese girl" no! it was not true! far far away i knew about japan, it happen to me.. theyre wrong! =='

for collect how I looks like japanese girl I like JAPAN! I love the band, especially SID シド. I love Shinji Ninomiya or Shinji SID or theyre Guitarist >w< he is so handsome n cute!! >////<


yey... he is giving me to write new fanfic about SID!
I like his smile, so kawaii.. his performance when in the stage may me so happy, when he is acting like cute boy, he made me thinking he is young! he is already 31 years old.. but for me he has same old.. hm.. 21-23 years old.. ^w^

hahaha.. it is me.. ^^

yey yey yey.. v(^o^)v is copy shinji's style in Ranbu no Melody type B.

have a nice day.. ^^


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