Friday, November 19, 2010

Ranbu no Melody PV Offshot

The awesome gang at Kou-Rakuen has gotten their hands on the band's latest PV offshot video and subbed it! :) In chinese subs as usual though. Have uploaded it to Mediafire for those who are not keen to use Raysource to download from their site. (Raysource sort of sucks sometimes because of its tedious and slow download speed for me. >_<)

Enjoy the video! (The guys are as cute and funny as ever.) Love their offshots! :D As per Kou-Rakuen's policy, you can distribute the video but do remember to credit them and not re-edit the video in any way.

Question to Mao: What is the focus of your outfit?

Mao: Focus? *points and tugs at checkered part of outfit* It should be this. It is connected to my vest and this side is connected to my pants.

It is super hot in here!
*asks staff* It is hot right?
It is on sales in December?
I am perspiring all over!

Staff member comments on Aki cutting his hair to such a short length. (He also added something about the hair length being related to middle school but I have no idea how to translate it! Sorry! >_<) After which he touches Aki's hair and said "Kawaii". (He is not the only one who thinks so btw. =D)

Shinji: Are those bones real?

*Staff member says yes.*

Shinji: Whose bones are these?

Staff member: They are buffalo bones.

Shinji: Buffalos exist??? (YES THEY DO! Omg Shinji you are so cute! =x)

Mao and Yuuya talks about how Mao will rotate and do the Merry-go-round to get the best effect when filming. (!?)


01:38 of the video

Words on screen states that the band is going to try out a filming method called "Time Stretch" for the 1st time.

Aki: So it goes like bang bang bang then stop?

Staff: It is not stopping, just that transition (between each scene) needs to be slowed down.

*We can see Yuuya practising and looking a bit lost haha. Also lol at Shinji hovering at the background (Arrow pointing at Shinji says "Take Note of this!")*


Around 02:25.

Mao: You videoed it down? Videoed it already?

Yuuya: Mao-kun looks really interesting from my view of him at the back, sort of like a thief.



Staff: Mao-san is done with the filming!
Mao: Thank you all for your hard work.

After that we can see Mao leaving the studio while singing "Finished filming" to the tune of Ranbu no Melody at the end.

Note: This is just a very rough translation!!! And there are some things which might not be translated very correctly so I apologize for any mistakes. However, I hope it gives you a rough idea of what they are doing in the offshot!

here the link ^^

Download Here

Many thanks to sidnad@lj who give the translation and kou-rakuen for upload the file ^^


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