Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pico's Love Story

Reinne POV

Today i met my pico's boy at pico park in Facebook. yeah... his name is Reiyuzuki. i think he is handsome than pico i ever known.

We were take some photo for ameba pico valentine contest. I joined it, with my bf, rei-kun.. XD

The first disorder was..
when I was take the photo, someone came and ask to him, to rei-kun to be his bf. OH no!! im her bf!

the yellow girl and brown girl with pirate clothes were talk with rei-kun. the yellow girl wanted him to be his bf, but rei-kun told her if he already have 4 girls! ==' me in another girl.
so BAD! 4 girls! and I never know about it! =='

until someone told his a stupid man because have many girls.. oh no! rei-kun! i know your secret! baka! but the girl still wanted him to be his FB.. BAD..

Because i like him, i forgive him, and he gave me a kiss.. wow.. i love him! >///<

I met the couple who falling in love.. you can see many love in the picture.. why you should smile, rei-kun?

at the ttime, i met the new friend from Rei-kun, Jen-san.. & I take the photo.. so.. wanderful day.. ^^
Happy pico everybody..


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