Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fusion band UVERworld has just unveiled new information about their upcoming single, “MONDO PIECE”! The song “MONDO PIECE” was introduced to fans as the “end theme” of the band’s Tokyo Dome concert back in November, but the fan response to the song was so high that it was turned into a single.

When asked about their decision to make the song an official CD release, guitarist Katsuya“At first, since we had made the song thinking of it only as an end roll to the Tokyo Dome concert, we hadn’t thought at all about making it into a CD. But we felt so moved by (the reaction of the fans) on the wings of the stage, that this time there were no objections to making it a CD.” replied, “MONDO PIECE” will be released on March 23rd and comes in two separate editions: a limited ‘CD+DVD’ version and a regular ‘CD-only’ version. The DVD included in the limited edition will feature footage from the band’s secret live in Shibuya just prior to their performance at the Tokyo Dome.

Take a look at the official track list for the single below!
02. Panic World
03. Chomimouryou Match

credits: Tokyohive


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