Saturday, April 23, 2011

today is my b'day.. im turn on 22 years old.. oh no!! im already 22years old.. but.. im like cry.. lol..

andai gue memiliki orang-orang yang gue sayangin, mungkin mereka akan bilang seperti ini:

Yuuya said:
Otanjoubi omedetto Visca-chan.. miss you all the best girl..
dont sad! you have me.. as your brother..

Kenzo said:
happy b'day girl..
this is for you..
i hope you can be better than last year *big hug*

aki said:
woahh!! very spesial day to you!
hei... i make the spesial dish for you.. i hope you like it..
happy b'day girl.. dont sad everything gonna be okay.. just do it! ^^

Mao said: waw.. so interesting party right? i like it XD
shinji said: yey.. im agree..  oh ya.. dont cry.. please smile.. i just want you happy.. :)

yeah.. andai saja..
tapi.. hahaha.. impossible sekali!!
mengharapkan shinji memberikan happy b;day aja gue gak mampu yakinin dia.. yasudahlah.. lagian.. gak ada yang pasti dalam hidup ini..

otanjoubi for me..
i hope my miracle comes & get the something new..
i hope FOR EVERYTHING!! (。-人-。)


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