Friday, April 1, 2011

Hanami At Piggu

Hanami at Piggu..
Interesting! oh.. i? where I am? can you see the girl with strawberry clothes? yes! its me! i mean.. my piggu.. hahahaa..

I bought the new cloth.. cute.. yah.. i like it.. but.. why the face to be sad? oh no!! reinne! dont sad.. TT____TT

I wish im at Japan.. with him.. my beloved boy.. yeah.. Shinji..

yeah.. he is..

and me..

we are same, right? lol..

April.. yeah.. my day..
my day.. my DAYYY!! i hope my dream come true.. God please listen me.. you know, I love him so much.. just you.. yah.. the place I want to ask.. ya allah.. semoga terkabul (??) intinya!! semoga permintaan gue terkabul.. >////<


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