Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some facts about The Kiddie

- born in kanagawa fujisawa
- is a ex member of kazoku
- used to smoke . and favorite tobacco was Mild seven but he's not smoking now
- Dior homme is his favorite perfume
- favorite artist is スーパーカー and YUKI
- nickname is riyu さ~ゆ~
- he wote the lyrics of their song BLOW UP
- GAB soccer tournament revealed that he enrolled in a junior youth football

- born in kanagawa kawasaki
- is a ex member of ANDALIZE → Le: ciel (Yuki) & Maruru (KiruA)
- favorite brand of cigarette is KENT ULTRA MENTHOL 1.
- DOLCE & GABBANA the one FOR MEN & BLUE JEANS is his favorite perfume
- favorite artist is slipknot and limp bizkit
- always in a high tension so finds himself weak in head . <- lol . what does he mean ... ?
- he call AKI of SID and TORA of ALICE NINE "aniki"

- born in ibaraki
- Ex. parallel → Giglle (Jun) → 繚華 with Wicked Children (Support / Jun) → Risumi (Jun) → nkazoku (Djun)
- favorite brand of cigarette is JPS .
- favorite perfume is LALIQUE AMETHYST
- favorite artist are Nuno Bettencourt、柴崎浩、Jeff Beck、LUNA SEA
- eats a lot but still skinny
- penguins in trouble is his favorite video specially the Humboldt Penguin

- born in Kagoshima
- Ex.Shelly ~ Jazz Rock Children ~ (Sora)
- favorite brand of cigarette is SEVEN STARS (soft pack)
- favorite perfume is BVLGARI POUR HOMME
- favorite artist JUDY AND MARY & Hysteric Blue
- base on how he started he was love at first sight in a music store that he wants to buy something when he was in high school <- (not sure about this but its almost the same. )
- was shaved when he was in a baseball team in middle school .

- born in kanagawa yokohama
- Ex.Re 'lude (Road crew) → Gibbs → CODE NAME (Yu) → kazoku (Yu)
- non smoker . <3
- favorite perume is DOLCE & GABANNA LIGHT BLUE (same as me ! <3)
- favorite artist KORN and Limp Bizkit
- leader in the band
- has a close relationship with TORA of alice nine today .
- he's from USA .
- likes liquor and thinks that beer is weak . lol



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