Friday, September 10, 2010


Another dolls who I made from Flanel.. My sister told me if she like the pink doll.. she said "I dunno but I like it.."
Yesterday I said to my friend
Me: "The true, I wanna made the dolls to u.. but I cant get more time to make it.. maybe next time I will give you the dolls.. ^^"
My friend: "It is your promise?"
Me: "Yes.. I wanna make a human dolls to u.."
My friend: "with glasses??"
Me: "What??"
My friend: "I using a glasses, right?"
Me: "Ya.. I know.. but.. youre not kidding to me?"
My friend : "Of course not! but.. how about the others?"
Me: "Okey.. with glasses if I can.. n I can give the another dolls too.."
My Friend: "I will wait.."

it just discussion about me n my friends.. Oke..  I will study hard to make a good doll! Ganbatte! ^o^/


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