Sunday, September 26, 2010

I met SID members! Oh my god! They are so cute n handsome.. I like yuuya n shinji smile.. I saw the cuter face of mao.. I saw too aki san the sexiest bassist in that band..
When i met them, they performanced in the live in the city.. N i was given to be dancer in that live.. I was happy, hahaha.. Same like cosmetic, i make up as japanese girl not in otegami pv.. Coz im so natural..

I can remember about that song.. yeah.. SHOUGEN as the first song..
I saw him.. Im hysteris.. He is so HANDSOME! >w<

after that.. I took my phone n wanted to their photos but always miss.. Too bad..

In the end of performance, they visited my backstage n met the people who support them in this event.. I saw Mao n Aki.. I just say hello n handsake with them.. I asked to mao, "where are shinji n yuuya?"
"in the back side" said aki.

I looked to back aki who stand up n i look HIM! Like the girl never meet his bf, i hugged him.. Yeah shinji ninomiya.. He was so suprised, yuuya's too.. Shinji looked my face, n ask..
"who is she?" but he still cool..
"i didnt know.. Maybe u can see in your diary.." said yuuya.
"yeah" said the others. N he is searching it while i still hugged him..
"ah.. We ever meet before!" shinji saw the photo who he n I.
"she is your fans!" said mao.
"u know about me?" said me to him.
"yeah.. In this day we ever met.." he point to the day who my birthday. I never remember i meet him the day.
"i miss u" shinji said to me n he hugged me.. Umm.. Im really happy.. He can remember about me..

But it just dream! I never met before with them..
But i always send shinji in twitter..
Have a nice weekend.. Thanks for read it.. ^^
 Reinne n Shinshin


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