Monday, August 16, 2010

The track will consist of: [For Regular and Limited editions]
1.クオリア -Theme song for Gundam 00 Movie-
2.若さ故エンテレケイア   Wakasa 故[?] Enterekeia     
3.Ultimate -Theme song for Capcom's Last Ranker game-
Regular edition includes a wide cap sticker, limited.

The DVD for LE will include:
- Core Abilities Trailer
- UVERworld new Classics - Sparta

The Gundam Edition the tracklist is:
1. クオリア -Theme song for Gundam 00 Movie-
2. 儚くも永久のカナシ -1st opening song for Gundam 00 Season Two-
3. CHANGE -Image song for Gundam 00 Movie-
4. クオリア~for Movie~  It is the size which is used for the movie



PS: UVERworld will be performing live at Wednesday J-pop on the 15th of Sept~


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