Thursday, August 26, 2010

White Heart

My heart like cloud, sometimes it colour could  black or white.. it all based from my heart. like this cloud.. if i see it I feel want to have a wing and flying to the sky, enter the another sky in the world. But i just human, no wings, but I have a lot of dream who can bring me to my fantasy without end.

Cloud.. I want to ask, does him see the cloud same like me? can u bring my heart to him? can you tell me if I need him? can you help me? I always read his blog, same like I wrote this blog he uploaded the cloud as my feeling in the past. can I understand his heart? he feel alone.. I can feel it.. but why he never talk to another people if he feel alone? i can help him if he ask to me.. hahahaha... its just in dream, in dream all of memory in real life enter to my mind and draw in my dream.. I miss him so much, can he know my heart? i hope he doesnt want be a black heart..


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