Sunday, October 10, 2010


GOOD DATE! 10.10.2010! I forget about it! but my mother told me if today is GOOD DATE!

lets start!
I made ithis blog around April, I means 6 months ago.. n now! i have own blog, I can share or write about my self, mu life, and anything.. it can be different right?! ^^


GOOD DATE... GOOD DATEE!! but I dunno what I must write today.. =='


This is my pico in Fb
her name is Reinnne

my prince still Shinji Ninomiya from SID.. ^^

my niichan still

Yuuya Shirato

and Shintarou UVERworld

I have 2 brothers, and theyre drummer! >.<

and Iam..

hahahaahaha... its me! the girl with many dreams.. ^^

jya.. na.... ^^


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