Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dream last night

I remembered I watched the video who shinji want to play as sumo.. n I got it! he so funny! he n his friends wants to join as Judo club.. I remembered Shinji was half naked! with his skinny body, and headband he looks so different. but just him.. others members not..

Yuuya said: "Why u half naked?"
Shinji: "I just want show my body.."
Yuuya: "But u know, your looks so skinny! I dont want it.. youre so weird!
Shinji: "Shut up your mouth! I wanna it! do it if you want to be a real man!"
Yuuya: "Its up too you.."
Me: "i think he still use it as his joke! i dunno what he want do it.."
Shinji: "I just want to be man!!!!!"
Me: "You?? you want to be a real man too, mao-san??"
Mao: "I thinks.. its so weird!"
Shinji: "No weird! just do it!!! lets go friends!"
All: "I thinks he has conslet brain..."

I got a weird dream! what he want with it?? but he looks so handsome n cool! XDD I like his strong motivation.. ^^ but for me he still the best! ^o^

Ganbatte Shinji-kun! ^o^9



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