Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kenzo's Facts

- Kenzo was ever been stabbed in the head with a scissors when he's in elementary school.
- Kenzo's elementary and middle schools were private.
- Kenzo has one younger sister who's three years younger than him.
- He took the train by his own when he's in elementary school.
- Kenzo's parents had a villa.
- The first band he fond to is KISS { the American rock band }.
- He has ever caught in the fashion and dressed up in leather, satin shirts and even put on the make-up after he discovered KISS.
- He ever played piano and guitar.
- His most respectful and admired person in his life was his grandfather.
- His first and number one music was from Final Fantasy which was created by Uematsu Nobuo.
- The first live Kenzo watched was Stratovarius.
- Kenzo's part-time job was at Mister Donut but quit after two days later.
- He ever attend high school of music studies and finally found out that it was full of yankees.
- During he was in the band; Ayabie, he was drumming for more than 40 songs and he can memorized them in 2-3 weeks.
- Kenzo was ever been in heavy rock band as well as an another band which was formed by him but both disbanded.
- One of the song called " Ancient-Tree " in the album "Virgin Snow Color", at the begginig of the song, Kenzo's the one who make the whispering voice. { It was says in the booklet }

Source: Buru Tokyo Webs


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